Gondavale Goda Masala 250gms
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The aamti from Shree Gondavalekar Maharaj's Kitchen is very famous. Devotees will tell you many stories of how they used to drink drona-fuls of aamti served for the prasad meals.

Today I made a everyday prasad-a-cha-taat as they would in Gondavle. 

Clockwise: salt, buttermilk, Aamti, Danyacha koot lavun vangi (brinjals in peanut sauce), rice, bajrichi bhakri, lime n jaggery pickle, Karlyachi chutney and added Satari Kandi peda which is a local peda that is offered at the samadhi of Shree.

Though the aamti is the best with this masala but you will also like to use is in your veggies and usals. The masale bhaat is something else you must try.