The Beginning

Welcome to AnnaParaBrahma EShop

It all began on the blog, AnnaParaBrahma while Anjali lived in Bangalore. She wrote about Koli Style food and the stories from her village Thal. Koli masala was something she used in her everyday cooking like a true blue Koli. What followed was several requests for the recipe of the masala. That is when she realized she did not have one. It was made in her village on a grand scale for her joint family, based on the recipe handed down from generation to generation. Many years later after returning to Mumbai, She pestered her Aunt, to share the secret recipe. After spending a lot of effort in standardizing it she started sharing the masala with friends. They encouraged her to retail it.

While she was at it, realization struck that she sourced many of the ingredients in her own kitchen from several villages and was happy to share it with friends who loved the rustic charm. These friends spread the word and so she started the EShop on the blog and FB and now we are here on our own domain.

AnnaParaBrahma EShop stocks products you would absolutely want to have in your pantry. These are sourced directly from the villages. We are providing a platform here to help the small businesses in several villages. 
These products are for those who love good food, are concious about health and are socially responsible to preserve our Culinary heritage and more. Even if you are not, once you use them you can't do without them.
That is our promise.

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